Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Goings On Here Today!

Well once again I will try to blog every day...we shall see.

I am keeping Jake for Holly while Eric is having surgery in Lubbock. I think all went well and that they should be back home sometime tomarrow. He is such a sweet little boy. The operative word here is BOY. What do I know about having a boy? I know he likes to make truck noises... plays with balls and likes to suck his thumb. I guess that is all I need to know right now. If I can make all that happen then I think he is happy. We are having a great time playing and WALKING. He is getting better at that everyday.

Gracie is on a plane (with her mom, of course) on her way to my house. This weekend is the BIG baby shower for Katy. So two of my "babies" will be here with Nina for the weekend. Jaxs will hopefully be home with Holly tomarrow. I don't think she thought that I could take care of them both....LOL!

Hannah is going to camp Boogie Aboard. She seems to be having a blast. She did take the day off today. She and I hung out all day with T. Got some things done and now she is asleep in moms bed due to Sarah coming in tonight. Little Patches seems to be doing well also. He is such a good puppy and Hannah is having fun with him on her terms.

We had a great time in Colorado for vacation. It was a much needed and well deserved rest for all. I hate to say Katy and Dustin nor Joey got to go this summer, they were surely missed. But the rest of us a a great time. I will post pictures later. I guess I had better get ready for my girls to get here. It is late. Their plane had some kind of trouble...but they should be here soon.
Night all.

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  1. oh mom that was such a cute post! you did so good for A DAY!! keep posting silly! i love you