Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long Saturday!

Hey everyone...(like a lot of people read this). Anyway, it has been a loooong day. It all started by sleeping late. I was woken by Sarah about 10:15, got my bath about 1. Went to eat Mexican food, of course, then to mom and dads. We, mom and I, had a huge fight. Curt just sat patiently by not saying a word. I won. Not that i want to win, I want my mom back! It was all over her meds. She is refusing to do what she is told. So I try to step in and help her memory but to the end of a huge fight always. After the sparks flew and all was settled back down, we enjoyed a nice time visiting. My dad misses talking to a man. He and Curt talked about three hours about what I don't know. we cam home and I went right to work on my Farm town....I am loving this game. I go to see my Sarah and my Gracie this next week and I can't hardly wait.
Today is Katy and Dustin's 1 year anniversary. "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS". I hope you have many more! Holly and Eric are down in Alpine at his little sisters wedding. They will be home on Sunday. Hannah is in watching the Singing Bee on CMT. I think I will go in and take a bath. I hope all are having a nice night....


  1. i wish i could go with you out of town! i miss you terribly when you are gone! but i know you wont let me down ( bring me something back okay!!) love you

  2. LOL! I am so looking forward to you coming to see me ( and Gracie of course)! See you tonight! Kiss daddy for me!